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Bagrat® KS 300 is a concrete additive on the basis of silicate. It is added to the concrete in the concrete plant or directly on the building site in the mixer. The quality of the concrete is significantly improved by KS 300. Inter alia it is durable over a longer time and more resistant to all the aggressive media. Using KS 300 does not create any problems whatsoever during processing. The concrete is given an even brighter colour. A maintenance-free industrial floor made to measure!



  • KS 300 is inorganic
  • KS 300 reduces the material shrinkage by approx. 50%
  • KS 300 provides an electric discharge function within the concrete
  • KS 300 is used to produce watertight concrete
  • KS 300 protects the concrete against more than 120 different chemicals
  • KS 300 makes the concrete sulfate-resistant
  • KS 300 considerably reduces the rebound in the shotcrete
  • KS 300 improves the quality of the mortar (see silicate mortar)

Ranges of application:

  • Drinking water containers
  • Industrial floors
  • Multi-storey car-parks
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Collection basins
  • Chemical industry
  • and many more

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