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The firm Bagrat® is a concrete repair company founded in 1968 in Trier. Since then the enterprise has been working successfully in many sectors of the rehabilitation of buildings. Using its own rehabilitation products and techniques that are mainly, but not exclusively used, this success could be steadily supported.

The company is mainly subdivided into two sectors:

  1. Maintenance of buildings from beginning to end.
    The Bagrat® Bautenschutz und Betonsanierung occupies itself all over Europe with numerous sections around the maintenance of old and new buildings, particularly in the field of water- and dampproofing of buildings.
  2. Worldwide marketing of our own products.
    Here the products KS300 and ISO-110® serving to improve and optimise old and new concrete represent the main group.

From the industrial floor to the sewage treatment plant and from the basement to the underground car park we offer expert advice and execution.

Test us, because we improve concrete!!!

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