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ISO 110

Bagrat® ISO 110® is a fully synthetic liquid silicic acid product especially developed for the building industry. ISO 110® has a good wetting and creeping ability. ISO 110® is especially tuned to the complex chemism of the building materials. The metastable solution that contains the silicic acid dissolved as macro-molecules reacts immediately to the changes of the environment within the building structure by forming practically insoluble calcium silicates. By the reaction the capillaries within the building structure are narrowed to the extent that liquid water can no longer penetrate. The sealing is practically indefinitely durable. ISO110® is resistant against frost - it can therefore also be used under low temperatures.



  • ISO-110® contains the silicic acid in a colloidal solution
  • ISO-110® penetrates deeply into mineral building materials
  • ISO-110® is approved in the drinking water sector
  • ISO-110® is physiologically unobjectionable
  • ISO-110® is inorganic
  • ISO-110® is immune against frost

Ranges of application:

  • Sealing cracks in concrete, masonry, foundations, sewage treatment plants, water containers
  • Sealing basements against penetrating water
  • Hardening old and new concrete, sandstone, bricks and increasing the abrasion resistance of concrete
  • Hardening and injecting building structures
  • Protecting building components against aggressive water and carbonic acid
  • Resistance against frost and de-icing salt according to E-standard
  • Improved protection against corrosion
  • and much more

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